I Have an Idea!

After receiving the instructions for our final project (and getting some other final projects out of the way), I started thinking about ways to tell a good, multimedia story based around my character. At first, I had no idea where to start aside from looking through the various assignments we could draw from.

Then I kept thinking about my most recent web design assignment, which was the interactive story I wrote. That assignment was very fun, but complex. If I write a story and branch it out, then I can add extra media and develop it into a new, multiple-ending, interactive narrative. In order to incorporate more media, I will use photo, audio, and perhaps video or writing assignments which will amount to 25 or more stars.

This week, I will focus on writing out a general plot for my dear character Danny’s adventure and work on the assignments that will become a part of the story. Next week, I will finish the assignments and put the story into Inklewriter, the online writing tool that will allow me to make this story come to life and put it into the hands of the reader.

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