Pictures from the Past

I very much enjoy taking photos, especially of the sky and animals that are around; half of my phone is filled with sunsets, the other with my dog. When I’m taking pictures of these two subjects, I generally try to get as much color and detail into them. So, while I set up a picture, I make sure that the focus is on the most vibrant colors or on the smallest details. An image of a sunset or a particularly blue sky cannot be washed out at all, and a picture of my dog needs to show the hairs on his face or the color of his eyes before I’m satisfied with it.

he's a little camera shy

When I’m taking pictures, my goal is mostly to imitate the feelings I have when I see that actual subject, such as the breathtaking beauty of the sky’s hues or the sweetness of my puppy’s sleeping face. Personally, I don’t believe you can really catch a gorgeous sky in a series of colored pixels, and sometimes after attempting a few pictures I will just sit and stare at the sky for a while instead. Some of the pictures I’ve taken look really pretty, but they never do justice to the actual scene.

blue skies over a little rocky harbor

I think timing, patience, and motion are definitely things on which I will try to improve as I continue to take photos. Usually when I see something that looks nice, I frantically try to take the picture immediately, and I snap shots until I think I’ve taken a good enough one. If I took the time to set up the photo and ensure that everything is sitting right, I wouldn’t need to take as many shots with the hopes of getting one decent scene out of it; instead, I could focus on getting just one or two much better images. Something else I need to try is taking photos of motion as opposed to still scenes. I love the sky and the trees, but if I could get better pictures of animals, people, and life in general, it would surely improve my photography skills entirely.

my sisters staring at something while standing in my shot

I went ahead and started compiling some photos I’ve already taken on my flickr account to both share and compare my progress from before this week to during and after it. I’ll be adding more as the week progresses. Feel free to take a look!

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