Thoughts on Moon Graffiti

The audio in the podcast episode “Moon Graffiti” was extremely eerie and well-placed throughout the story. I liked how the speaking sounded like it was coming from different positions and areas. Listening to it with headphones on was effectively immersive. The characters within the story spoke eloquently and solemnly to one another throughout the story. Behind their dialogue was a beautiful ambiance that helped create the mood. It was honestly very emotional, despite just being a hypothetical alternative to history based off of a speech.

While this podcast is a much more modern performance, it held a lot of similar themes to the radio shows I heard during my live tweet-along. The relatively brief length, the ambiance behind the characters’ dialogue, and the subtle descriptions of their actions to help the listener were all parts of the stories I’ve heard this week. This one had better quality and more immersive audio, due to the technological advances since the radio shows were produced, and I’m a huge space fan so I enjoyed the story a great deal. Despite this, however, I think all of the stories had their merits as solely audio-based stories.

Frontier Gentleman used narration heavily in its telling, as each episode was depicted through the eyes of a British reporter, a sort of detached main character peering into others’ lives. Gunsmoke used narration much more sparingly, only to introduce the general idea of the story and get through scene changes or events. “Moon Graffiti”, on the other hand, only used narration at the beginning to set the stage and allowed for the characters to play out the rest of the story. I liked the limited narration a great deal, and I hope to focus my own podcast around a similar set-up.

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