Turning Tumbleweeds: What Really Happened

Now that the radio show is broadcast, here’s the script of what really happened! I only wrote the bare minimum of what happened so everyone could put their own perspectives into what their characters interpret to have occurred. So this is the real thing, no twists or interpretations!


The day started as usual. The saloon opened and Johnny was as chipper as ever. Agnus, one of the barkeeps, came to work on time, as usual. Danny, the pianist, came in a few minutes late. After around 6 PM, the place was crowded. Talie, a saloon regular; Bonnie Sue, a friend of Talie’s; and Sally and Riza, friends and competitors of Johnny’s, came in for the latter half of the evening. Johnny didn’t have a moment to himself most of the time, though he made sure to visit and chat with all of his patrons, friends, and regulars. He played a few games and shared a few drinks, but no one thought he seemed troubled at all during the night.

Except for one incident. The town drunk, Two-Shot Harry, had come in and gotten a bit too wild. Johnny had tried to make sure he didn’t drink too much, but some thought they saw Harry with a bottle or two of something already in his jacket. After about an hour of his drinking, he began to shout and eventually broke a barstool on which someone was sitting. Johnny and a few of his friends helped get Harry out of the saloon. One of the sheriffs’ wives went out and brought her husband to arrest Harry. He was in jail all night. Outside of that problem, the evening went smoothly.

Once the saloon was closing, Jenna and Danny helped clean up, chatted a bit, and left Johnny alone. The next morning, Johnny was found dead, shot twice in the chest.

The sheriffs’ wives eventually discover that a woman named Bell had been with Harry for the evening while he was in the saloon. Once Harry had gotten kicked out, she heard Johnny say a few things about the drunk that she didn’t like to his friends and employees. Johnny said that he was going to ban Harry from the saloon and have him put away the next time he tried to come in. That night, when everyone was gone, she returned under the guise of leaving something in the saloon so Johnny would let her in. She then shot him without a word of warning and left.

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