Tweet-Along: Gunsmoke and Frontier Gentleman

I participated in Wednesday’s tweet-along, during which we listened to Gunsmoke: Doc Holliday and Frontier Gentleman: Aces and Eights. Tweeting along with others made the podcasts fun and interesting, especially as we pointed out the different audio cues and uses of music.

In my opinion, Gunsmoke was a lot more fun to listen to than Frontier Gentleman. While the transition music felt a little overwhelming (and the dramatic cues every time someone mentioned murder were a bit much for today’s standards), the story was really engaging. I tweeted a lot more during this first show than during the second. And Doc Holliday was just a really cool guy in general. The audio cues, aside from the music, were minimal but well-placed, and most of the time the characters were in nearly noiseless scenes. Most of the sounds consisted of walking and doors opening and closing.

Frontier Gentleman used a lot more audio for background and ambiance, however the narration took away from the story itself a bit (although it does fit with the news reporter of a main character). Calamity Jane was my favorite character, who was also apparently a historical figure as well! She had a lot of spunk and the town respected her for it. The scenes, which took place in a saloon-type setting, had a lot of intricate, moving sounds, from drunken mumbling to cards and poker chips, and even a piano in the background. The detail in this show certainly surpasses Gunsmoke by quite a bit, but I struggled with feeling engaged in it; the main character was hardly more than a narrator, although I suppose that’s more or less the point of the show.

Tweeting along with my classmates on these two shows was a fun experience. I feel more inspired to apply what I’ve learned so far about audio in my own work. If I can make a show sound half as good as Frontier Gentleman, it will be an accomplishment in its own right. You can read the rest of my tweets here, if you like!

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