Video Essay: Talkin’ Bout Django

Here is my video essay on a scene from Django Unchained. I really enjoyed watching the movie, and I struggled a little with picking a scene, but I didn’t want to go in too many directions for the sake of time, so I chose something that covered several of our topics while being interrelated. I used the readings and videos to talk about perspective and camera position and ventured to discuss what each part meant.

In order to capture the scene, I used OBS to record it from Netflix. I then had to convert the video in RealPlayer from the original recording file into something I could edit. Finally, I recorded my analysis using Audacity and put the video and the audio together in Windows Movie Maker. A lot of programs went into this one 3 minute video. I’m not a big fan of all the time it takes to edit, but hopefully the more I do it the quicker it goes by.

Overall I’m pretty proud of the analysis, and I think the video shows what I want to express well enough. The editing could have certainly been smoother, and I would have recorded the audio while watching the actual scene to time it better, but here’s to my first full edited video! May it be the first of many.

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