An Alternate Life

What would Danny Keys do in an alternate life? You might have asked him when playing the game “Do These, Danny Keys,” but if you didn’t, he’ll tell you here. This was made based on this assignment, worth 3 stars.

That’s a tough one, honestly. I like myself pretty well. Although… if there was one chance I could change my life, I might have liked to have been born here, out West. I had a good family in New York, but I like to think I would be more satisfied with my life if I had started here. I would be established in a town like the people out here are. I would have friends who knew me and who I knew just as completely. Maybe I would even have a family by now! Oh, if only.

If I were born in the West, I wouldn’t be classically trained in piano, but I’d be better for it. I’d have some freedoms in playing piano, which certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing. I would be in a saloon all my life, playing a dusty old set of keys, a cigarette lit up and the room hazy. I’d learn to read, of course, but my ears would be all I needed to play. No sheet music to worry about, no memorizing sonatas and concertos. I would be where I belonged.

I would grow up with people I’d known all my life, have close friends who knew everything about everything. The world would be a small place, and I would have my own little corner of it. I’d find the love of my life before I even realized it, and we would be together for the rest of our days. I wouldn’t be a stranger in that town, and even if we left, we’d have each other and a home to come back to.

That’s the ideal, anyway. I know as well as anyone else out here that it doesn’t always happen like that. And I’ve gotten used to blending in, so maybe one day I can settle in like I never was anywhere else. I believe it could happen.

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