This Week’s Progress

Outside of planning, advertising, and commenting on others’ ideas, I have done three presentations and written two papers — one two pages long and the other ten. Needless to say, I have not completed the entirety of this final project in this week alone. Luckily, finals week comes with the warm fuzzy feeling of an end in sight, and I’ve gotten some work done behind the scenes for this grand story. I’ve got the plot outlined and some of the assignments completed, but I’ve only posted the first one, which was the poster advertising this new tale.

I also had some major trouble with commenting, since the ds106 tales website isn’t updating anything outside of Dr. Bond’s new posts, so I had to go through the ds106 main page to access the recent posts from the site (which I didn’t figure out until today). Everyone’s final project ideas look good so far, though, so good luck to everyone in this final week! See you on the other side.

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