Week 2: Wild Pictures

This week, I was assigned to help put together the photography section of this course. After writing my suggestions, I made an assignment which asks you to recreate a scene from a film on your own. I can’t wait to see what people come up with!

While mulling over this assignment creation, I picked out some other activities to do for my own this week. The three I chose were from the Visual, Animated GIF, and Design assignment categories. My first assignment was pixel art, in which I recreated a famous Clint Eastwood photo in a 16×16 pixel shot. The second one I did consisted of making my first GIF — sticky note animation style. My third and final project was designing a comic-style photoset from a Western film to the tune of The Wild Wild West. I had a lot of fun with these projects, and I learned a lot about how to digitally create and edit photographs. I’m excited to try doing more later on!

Of course, while I was doing my own assignments, others were finishing their own as well! I loved looking through what others came up with and made sure to comment on a few of my favorites. Seeing everyone else’s hard work is one of my favorite aspects of this class so far; so many talents fall into this course, and everyone has something to share and teach!

My website has some new updates as well! With more information on the About page, a page for my other accounts, and some nifty plugins, Sundown Street is officially open for business! I want to tweak the theme a little more later on, but I think the circles look nice, kind of like a bunch of tiny sunsets. Hopefully I can work to better incorporate the name of the website into its other elements. That’ll be my next goal site-wise.

Finally, I made sure to keep up with Daily Creates this week on Twitter, which mostly consisted of taking more photos and practicing the writing of Tweets themselves (I struggle with character limits quite a bit). I took a picture of an ordinary thing to make it beautiful; drew a bull, a fool, and a horse all in the worst position for a cowboy to approach; and tweeted out some Western kindness for those who have to work this (blizzardy) weekend.

Now that this week is over, it’s time to prepare for the next set of projects! I’m going to aim for learning about the less visual forms of media; time to make some story posts!

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