Week 4: Shot ‘Em

This week was all about photography, and boy was it an eventful one.

I started off learning about the ins and outs of photography and how to be patient and observant. I applied what I learned through the film I chose to watch and a Photoblitz challenge. Of course, the applications didn’t stop there, as I picked apart a saddle bag and wrote a story to a beautiful photo. I then tried my own hand at looking cool in an attempt to repeat the cinematography that has become iconic over the ages. In my own chosen assignments, I altered the hue of an island coast and looked into the eye of my character, Danny Keys. Each assignment was two and a half and four stars, respectively, totaling in six and a half stars for the week.

My Daily Creates consisted of finding a glass’ contents, drawing cacti blind, and making important choices.

And finally, I made sure to comment on other people’s blogs.

I admit, I didn’t pace myself the way a cowboy might need to this week, but when you’re at full gallop, it’s hard to see when you need to slow down.


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